February's Painting

I looked at my watch this morning and realised that it was the last day of the month. I thought about the things I've done for my Cerignola 1503 game during the past 28 days. This game will be a demo at Sheffield Triples later this year; there is a deadline. The 'to do' schedule is not that demanding but, I've surprised myself with the amount I've actually done for it in just four weeks: I've managed to break the back of the figure painting.

24 Gendarmes. 

12 crossbowmen and 18 French pike. 
72 Swiss pike. 
8 foot of 'widened ditch' to sit in front of the Spanish earthworks.

Next on the agenda:
Two units of 8 Stradiots (actually only 15 cavalry figs).
Another three units of 8 Spanish / Italian 'gendarme types' (24 heavy cavalry).
Two buildings (already constructed - one can be seen above) to paint.
Three feet of 'town street' (sections cut) to cobble with lentils, then paint.
One foot of earthworks to make and paint.
Table cloth (15 x 6 feet) to re-spray much lighter, with tan and yellow 'rattle' cans.

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