One becomes a battalion

This is my first Panzer Battalion for Operation Crusader / Siege of Tobruk showing the units for historical organisation and deployment (scaled at 1:5):
Battalion HQ; 1 Panzer III H command tank
2 Panzer III Companies; 3 Panzer III H, 1 Panzer II F
1 Panzer IV Company; 2 Panzer IV FI, 1 Panzer IV

The same vehicles showing how I'll probably deploy them on the table. The organisation is a battalion / company level hybrid. This allows the formation to utilize its Panzer IIs as a seperate 'flank guard', their historical, company level, job. It also allows the units to be deployed in units of three vehicles (a supply truck, not painted, will accompany the Panzer IV company).

This might not be historically accurate, but I like playing games with a platoon level feel whilst wanting the diversity of weaponry, not to mention scenario possibilities, of company level games. Most of my games will involve a battle group or two of three battalions or so each, per side. Actions during Operation Crusader tended to be on the large side.

Panzer III H
  Panzer IV FI

Panzer  II F
Battalion command stand

Vehicles are Battlefront Miniatures (FoW) painted in enamels. Bases are, 60mm x 75mm x 2mm, MDF.

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