Ager Proelii: The Battle for Rome

Carthage (Hannibal): Characterisation draw. 
Rome (A. Paulus): Characterisation draw. 
 Carthaginian deployment
Roman deployment. 
Both sides launch an attack on the hill and a cavalry action is imminent......... 
The Romans guess that the main Carthaginian effort will be made against their left.
The action develops rapidly.
The fight is fierce and confused, but.......
Veteran Spanish cavalry decide the issue of the cavalry battle in favour of the Carthaginians. Rome fears defeat, until....
 ...her infantry counter attack.......
.....all along the line..... 
...and are victorious versus their Gallic enemies.

We have to humour a rare bout of hubris.
Hannibal rides into the fray and temporarily restores the situation but his situation is still dire: His centre is crumbling.
Rome rushes cavalry from one wing to the other.

A 36" move - so fast they are blurry. 
The reinforcements arrive before the Carthaginian cavalry can exploit their earlier success.
The battle extends to the fields and vineyards........

At the end of turn 1, and for the first time, Rome has the ascendancy.

To be continued.....

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