Ager Proelii: The Battle for Rome - part 2

The carthaginian centre crumbled under the weight of the Roman attack.....
....whilst the veteran Spanish are pinned down by the Roman right.
On the Roman left, where Hannibal is strongest, the Romans come under extreme pressure. But, before the outcome is settled here.....
.....the Carthaginian centre is broken.

Scrotivius writes:

"..and Hannibal, seeing the Romans manoeuvring before him, declared that "This Roman swings both ways."

On the Roman left the pressure was mounting......
....and mounting.....
....whilst, on the right victory seemed imminent.

Which would give out first?

The Roman left stabilised after some very fierce fighting.....
 On the right the Carthaginians were being surrounded.

A Roman Victory!

Hannibal withdrew to Croton with 4 CU loss. Paulus lost 1 CU.

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