The Battle of Panormus - or - Gisgo gets an enormous panning

Before I start the report, I have to tell you that I forgot to change my camera settings after some shots for ebay. Consequently, all but the last few shots are smaller than usual.

Balearic slingers quickly decide that velites are too much for them (they are forced to retreat with UI loss) as the Romans advance swiftly on their left and refuse their right; where.....
...we find the Numidians swooping in and out against the Roman Allied cavalry,pelting them expertly with javelins (the Romans will spend a lot of morale chips here trying to keep their allied cavalry in the field - Peter HATES Numidian cavalry).
A shot (from the Carthaginian right) of the Romans advancing 'en echelon'. 
A shot (from the Carthaginian left) of the Romans advancing 'en echelon', and the Carthaginians trying to force a cavalry envelopment with elephants in support.


Roman cavalry crests the hill -

Soldier: "Sir they're behind us!" 

Gisgo: "Bugger. That's where the elephants should have been."

The Romans come to grips, and......
....their cavalry charge downhill into the shocked Carthaginians.

Only the use of a Tactical Advantage card, by Gisgo, holds this position. 
On Rome's right it is chaos with both sides thoroughly intermingled. 

Nero has spent a fortune in morale chips but his cavalry are still there.

Gisgo: "Bugger."
The Roman force from Messana, comprising Greek hoplites, cavalry and archers supported by a contingent of Roman marines, enters stage right.

The Roman Stratagem card, followed by a March card, was drawn before Gisgo could react to the dust on the horizon.

Gisgo: "Bugger."
Rome presses an all out attack. 
The Carthaginian left, mainly made up of light troops, begins to scatter in the face of the 'off table' flanking attack.

Gisgo: "Bugger."
The Messanians are quickly into the fight. Can gisgo pull a maneouvre card out of the bag before he is hit! 

Nope, just afterwards......

Gisgo: "Oi, you sir, got any Hemlock? Bugger"
 .....when the situation is dire......

......and getting worse. Gisgo is surrounded and destroyed. His army ceases to exist and Rome lose 1 CU. The reconquest of Sicily has begun - or has it?

The troops can rest in barracks until next week. Here are the barracks. It is amazing just how many figures you can get into these IKEA cabinets. This one, granted it has four extra shelves than it came with, is holding well over 3000 figures. I'm glad I still have an empty one!


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