Seven Years War upgrade update - The Russians

Following the decision to upgrade 16 man units up to 24, my Seven Years War collection is moving on quite nicely. Furthest ahead are the Russians; all existing units have been upgraded and rebased. Cavalry have remained the same strength, at 8 figures per unit.

Line infantry. 11 units, plus 3 (not pictured) grenadier regiments. 
Command stands. 
Cossacks: 5 units 
Line cavalry: 4 units.
Artillery: 3 batteries.
Grenadiers: 3 units

I've decided to go on with the Russians for a while. I have 2 units of line infantry, 4 x units of Observation Corps infantry (36 figs per), 2 units of grenadiers, 2 units of Hussars, and a battery of guns in stock. I'll purchase the missing cavalry (3 units) and crew for the 5th gun battery shortly.

Thankfully, Foundry Russians are VERY easy to paint.

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