A lot of Gaul - Gallic Army finished(ish)

Except for a few bases which need to be inked, dry brushed, flocked and tufted the Gallic army is finished. All figures are Renegade Miniatures. All figures are painted in enamels. Here it is (not deployed for battle):

 The Cavalry: 80 horsemen, based in twos on 45mm x 75mm bases.

Chariots and command figures: 12 chariots based on 60mm x 100mm. 6 command stands on circular bases.

War band figures: 396 Gallic warriors based on 72 stands, each 60mm x 60mm (half have 5 figs, half have 6 figs). 32 skirmishers armed with bows and slings mounted two to a base, each 60mm x 40mm (these skirmish types will not get used much as they normally only figured when besieged).

Next up, the Spanish need to be completed.

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