Ping Pong Champ! Soon to the App Store

Become the Ping Pong Champ in this very realistic game!
Very simple and very addictive gameplay.
Simply hold your iPhone in flat position like you are holding a real Ping Pong Paddle and hit the ball repeatedly upwards.
Time your hits with the ball while it's going down and watch as the ball bounces back up toward you. Don't let the ball stop or hit the ground.

How many times can you hit the ball?
- Beautiful photorealistic graphics.
- Use the iPhone like a real Ping Pong Paddle.
- Accelerometer Control.
- Local Hi-Score feature.
- Very simple and addictive gameplay

Download Ping Pong Champ and became the true champion!

Coming Soon on the App Store...

Ping Pong Champ! is my very first game for the iPhone. It's a good start and remember that this is only the beggining. BIG games will follow soon so stay on the blog for more news. ;)

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