Good God, it's still too green!

Two images of my 'snooker green' baize cloth after having sprayed it - and it's still too green! The effect I was hoping for can be seen in the middle of the first shot - a pale, mottled, green. Much of it is the colour of the second shot.

The cloth is 16' x 6' 6". I knew that I would have to use a lot of spray paints to get a good effect (it's a big space) but, quite obviously, I have underestimated the amount needed. I started with a tin of black to 'take the edge off' and darken the green. Then a tin and a half of dark brown, then half a tin of beige, then a tin of dark green, then a tin of lighter 'grass' green, then the remainder of the beige, then 3 tins of yellow. When it was hanging on the washing line (for spraying), in bright sunlight, it looked quite light in tone; when I brought into artificial light it's greenness was shocking.

I've ordered another three tins of yellow and a tin of 'caramel'. This should be enough for the finish I'm after - I hope.

My advice to anyone doing this job is to follow the steps I took (darkening the cloth first, with black, dark brown and dark green) as this has given a good depth of shade (I'm not sure that the light green was worth the effort, though the beige worked well) - but when you buy the lightening yellow tone to bring it all 'up' and bind it all together buy lots and LOTS, as you will need cans and cans of the stuff.

For those with a mind to price, the paint bill (including the extra tins) currently stands at £60.00. Not cheap, but the cloth cost me nothing - thanks, Ken.


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