Great Scot, I think I have it!

I hung the cloth on the clothes line again today and added another four tins of spray paint to the mix. These included, three quarters of a tin of  caramel; a third of a tin of desert sand; three more tins of yellow. Each tin was 300ml.

To remind you of how I left the cloth last time, here is a photo.
Here is how it looks now - much, much better, I think.

Finally, the cloth with an off cut (even I will never need a 23 foot long cloth) to show the overall change of shade.

This job is now done. Next on the 'terrain to do list' will be the hill shapes and lake shore for The Battle of Lake Trasimene. This will be The Ilkley Lads demo game for Sheffield Triples next month. Time is pressing and running out fast; and I still have another 150 figures to paint and base.


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