Punic Wars Project - Adrift?

At the beginning of June I posted my painting schedule for my Punic Wars project. The plan was to paint 720 figures by the end of November. It is now the beginning of January and I've only managed 464. Why?

I could claim excuse for several reasons, but most would be dismissed by a right minded boss without hesitation (work load, family, etc.). The real reasons are three fold:
  • I committed the cardinal sin. I got side tracked by things new and shiny (see WWII stuff).
  • I committed to several other wargames related activities (articles, etc.) and found my spare time too thinly spread.
  • Thirdly, I got bored with things Punic.

The last thing is not something new, I often get bored half way through a project and it is a 'lull' I build into my overall deadlines. But, the new shiny stuff and the articles gave me an excuse to escape the project for longer than usual. Big mistake!

I can't change the overall completion date for the whole Punic Wars project (or, why have one?) so I finished the WWII stuff to a good break point (22nd Armoured Brigade Group) and then put it all away. I got back into the Punic Wars saddle and took out a batch of Gauls. As self punishment I made it a big batch. I finished it on my Birthday (New Years eve). It has done me good - I've already started the projected cavalry and aim to finish them quickly. The project is still do-able, but I can't take another break now.

Anyway, the new painted stuff.

176 Gallic warband - 8 units of 22 (these took 3 weeks). I think they have just the right amount of 'tartan'.

48 velites - 4 units of 12, for the allies in the Roman army (these took 2 months!).

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