#2 Limited Edition Leviathan Mortis has been listed on eBay

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This is #2 of 5
Item number: 230570755667 The auction starts Friday the 7th.

Kit comes with all components required to build one Leviathan Mortis. (1) Main body legs and upper arms. (1) Right hand Mauler Claw (1) Left hand Reaper Scythe. (Limited Edition Release Includes (1) Crusader Head (1) Right Hand Vulkan Cannon)
Suitable for a display model or table top gaming.
The limited Edition Mortis will only be available for a short time, likely five kits. After that the Vulkan and Crusader head will be available separately.

Total Package Value: $400.00  ($350.00 Mortis/ $45.00 Vulkan/ $5.00 Crusader head)
Limited Edition Suggested Retail Price: $375.00
Happy bidding and good luck!

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