Just Dance for PE?

At Nightingale I once again had a PE lesson not happen due to things happening in the hall. We couldn't go outside so once again turned to the Wii. Now I had been here before when I used Mario and Sonic at the Olymics and others in my school had used the Wii fit in the hall.

Now when I worked on Mario and Sonic I was trying to work out how a 4 player game could involve everyone - I came up with a solution that ment that it become a relay of sorts in teams of 4. We reviewed it and though that while fun the classroom was too small to really get the rest of the group doing something that raised your heartrate.

Now I seen Just Dance before and a few teachers had said that'd be good to do, so with a bit of practice we gave it a go. For those of you who haven't played it it is a game where you have to copy the motions of a person on screen in time with the music. Fairly easy.

Now where it is better than a lot of other games i've tried to use in PE is that even though it only supports 4 players using the Wii Motes everyone can just join in and play along. See the video below.

You can swap around the leader children (those with the Wiimotes) so every plays the game. I was amazed at how tried you got after playing for 30minutes, i think we did 5 songs. The children had great fun and it definately increased our heartrates.

I'm definatly gonna try this again and next time with the Kinet and Dance Central.


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