22nd Armoured Brigade Group Nov 41 - finished.

22nd Armoured Brigade Group for Operation Crusader,
Western Desert, November to December 1941
As a change from the Punic Wars stuff that I'm ploughing through (I'm currently finishing a batch of 176 28mm Gallic infantry) I'm doing the odd bit for my WWII collection. I've just finished the first of the four brigade groups for 7th Armoured Division. Scale is 1:5 ish. Here it is:

The whole group and its overall command stand.

22nd Armoured Brigade - comprising 2nd Royal Gloucestershire Hussars, 3rd County of London Yeomanry and 4th County of London Yeomanry.

11th Hussars.

B Company 1st Battalion King's Royal Rifle Corps and a troop from 102nd AT Regiment.

C Battery 4th Royal Horse Artillery and 3 Battery 1st Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment.
All figures and models are FOW. All are painted in enamels and the liberal use of burnt umber acrylic ink.
All are based on 2mm MDF - frontages are 60mm. Command stands and FOO stands are circular. All are sand, grit and cat litter on PVA glue, ink washed and dry brushed with artists acrylic and household emulsion paint; grass tufts are Mininatur, spongy flock is Woodland Scenics products.

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