The Three Kings. A Western Desert cauldron scenario.

This scenario is a couldron scenario where formations from each side will sucked into the combat area over a several game turns. I will be using my variant of Piquet's Point of Attack rules to fight the battle so the forces will arrive over a three turn time span (in these rules, most troops can move three times a turn).

This picture shows the battlefield. Its dominant feature are three centrally placed hills - these are 'The Three Kings'. Each of the hills is given a code name - King of Diamonds, King of Clubs and King of Hearts. Each side must secretly choose two hills as its objectives. At the end of the game the side holding its two Kings achieves a victory. A side holding all three Kings achieves a total victory. The game will last for a maximum of 6 turns. The battlefield is also cluttered with rough ground, areas of rolling ground (where hull downs can be found), a mixture of the two, a couple of wadis, and a settlement (a Bir).

The British force comprises six on table battalion (regimental) groups each with additional assets. There are three armoured regiments, two infantry regiments, and a field artillery regiment. Off table, with an on table FOO, are three batteries of medium artillery, and access to aircraft (one air superiority and two ground attack), both held at corps level. The force also boasts one brigade level (armour), and one high level, command stand. The British may bring on two battalion groups on each of the first three turns of the game.

The German force comprises 4 on table battalion groups each with additional assets. There are two armoured battalions and two infantry battalions. Off table, with on table FOO, are 5 batteries of guns. Two are attached to the infantry and three are attached to the armour; all are brigade level assets. The Germans have access to two ground attack aircraft held at division level. The German may bring on one battalion group on turn 1, two on turn 2, and one on turn 3. 

All arrivals will be pre-programmed by the players. The turn of arrival, and terrain tile of arrival, being determined by laying a plaing card under the command stand of the battalion group. The card is from a deck comprising diamond, clubs and hearts cards (denoting turn, in that order.) numbered A to 6 (denoting base line tile of entry, each player reading left to right). When a side turns an appropriate move card for the battalion group, on the right turn, it can make a full move onto the table. 

For this battle I will be fielding almost everything I have painted so far. Next up, I'll be painting the tanks to make up 7th Armoured Brigade Group (3 x A9s, 3 x A10s, and 10 x A13s, to go with the Crusader tanks). After that, I'm thinking of painting up the last bits of 15th Panzer Division (115th Infantry Brigade, a battalion of 10.5cm guns, and an anti-tank company) so that one side is, to all intents and purposes, finished.

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