Some newly painted bits.

I've painted quite a few pieces for my WW2 collection recently, but as it is mostly more of the same, I thought I'd confine this post to dealing with some pieces that are a little different.

Firstly, some A9s for 7th Hussars with red and white Operation Crusader stripes. I have painted them with a Caunter Pattern - which, although accurate, never quite looks right for the desert. It is also a pain to do because Caunter is not a series of random shapes. It is a series of geometric shapes that, when viewed from directly above or from the side, all have straight lines. My only tip for doing Caunter is to do it with turrets off - that way you get the long horizontals along the top of the hull straight, then add the turret to get the verical surfaces right. Fortunately, I only have 44 more tanks to do and 31 of those are one colour Caunter (light blue / grey on the Honeys of 4th Armoured Brigade).

Then there are two newly painted British FOO stands. This bring my British FOO stand numbers up to three, so no more required. The carrier FOO is a Battlefront model - it is a tidy little piece with some character. The other is a Battlefront Bofors tractor with some new modeling to the back and a tower added. The tower is constructed out of  wire 'spears' and thin card soaked in superglue. Possibly the hardest thing to get right was the figure seated on the top. This was my third attempt - he looked like a toddler throwing a paddy in a high chair on the first attempt. It is loosely based on a photograph in one of the Airfix books. Because it is a one off, it has a charm of its own.

Anyway, the cursor problem persists, and it is making this a chore, so that is where I will leave this post. Is anyone else having this problem?


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