Battalion becomes Regiment

I have now finished the first 'tactical unit' for Afrika Korps. The following photos show the panzer regiment (8th of 15th Panzer, or 5th of 21st Panzer) at a scale of 1:5 (approx). The photos show it in historical companies, though I still intend to use my 'battalion / company' hybrid on the table

I'm quite happy with this so far. Next, I intend to add the units that can make this 'Group Cramer' of 15th Panzer Division. This comprised 8th Panzer Regiment, I/33rd Artillery (10.5cm), one battery of III/33rd (15cm), one company of 33rd AT Battalion (mixed 3.7cm and 5cm battery), one company of 33rd Engineer Battalion (armoured infantry), and one battery of 8.8cm Flak from I/33rd Flak.

The Panzer Regiment 
The Regimental command stand. My Regimental command stands have two vehicles on a base, 90mm round. 
The same stand from the other side. Command stands give me the opportunity to use vehicles that would not otherwise feature (in this case a radio Sdkfz 250)- a Regiment commanded by a single vehicle does not show due respect. 
New Panzer IIIs 
Panzer IVs and that truck to make up the 'table unit' numbers. 
These resin trucks (cast on a base) make trucks affordable - well kinda.

All vehicles are Battlefront FoW. All are painted with enamels and acrylic ink.

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