And the punches keep on coming!

The situation map after the Battle of Faleri 209 BC. During the next two years a lull ensued. During the lull both sides sought to gain advantage through diplomacy and sneaky tricks until.............

Rome: Card 57: Hannibal councils Carthage - No troops may leave Africa until after the next reshuffle. 

Carthage: Card 49: Hannibal moves to Paestium.

Rome: Card 21: Mercenaries desert - Hannibal loses 1 CU.

Carthage: Card 13: Hannibal recruits 2 CU in Bruttium.

Rome: Card 53: Nero moves to Rome.

Carthage: Card 36: Diplomacy in Spain - Rome no longer has possessions south of Idubeda.

Rome: Card 12: Assert political control over 2 areas.

Carthage: Card 12: Assert political control over 2 areas.

Rome: Card 43: Rome raises slave legions, promising freedom for service.

Carthage: Card 17: Assert political control over 1 area.

Rome: Card 7: Nero gathers the strength of Rome. He marches south and brings Hannibal to battle on a plain near Paestium.

Rome musters 12 CU, Carthage musters 9 CU.  

  The situation at the end of the map phase - Summer 207 BC. Rome, it would seem, is insistent that Hannibal should leave Italy.

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