The Battle of Ariminum 217 BC (note ammended battle result)

The Roman centre advances slowly. The Carthaginians counter with a bold move on their right.

The Carthaginian move causes the Romans to dispatch an ala to counter it.
Hannibal's newly found Gallic allies occupy the woods.
The Romans know that time is against them. The legions go forward (with a triple move). 
The Gauls in the woods charge. The effect, charging into the flank of the legionaries or downhill upon them is too much for the Romans.
The demise of the Roman left has begun. 
The Gallic hordes.
The fight becomes general along the entire front. The Carthaginians keep rolling maximum die results - the Romans die by the hundred. 
The Roman withdrawal begins. 
The Romans in the foreground are the only ones that will escape.

With so few Romans escaping, and the Carthaginians in such fine fettle, it was decided to declare the result a 4 card battle with a double envelopment finish. Note that the Roman result has been ammended due to the rules being misread initially.

The Romans rolled badly on the battle casualty table and took 2 CU casualties. Then they rolled very badly on the retreat table - the army was destroyed completely in the resulting rout. Fabius was displaced.

Hannibal was unlucky, he rolled a 6 and lost 2 CU and both elephant CU. His army now only musters 6 CU - for the first time in this campaign I feel a bit exposed, but I have a cunning plan.

Gunny noticed that I'm using a different set of morale chip cards than that published in MW. I sent the wrong copy off for publication. The deck has the same 'characterisation' cards but the chip cards we are using are:

6 x 6 MC
10 x 8 MC
10 x 10 MC
6 x 12 MC
6 x 14 MC
3 x 16 MC
1 x 20 MC

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