Review of Tablets by 5E - Christchurch Primary School

Review of Tablets

Eight year 5 pupils were selected to explore 6 of the tablets.

What did they do on the tablets?
First they were instructed to use the tablet to access the web to find fascinating facts about our topic, India. The students were all able to navigate the web easily using the tablet. They were all able to find the information they needed.

Next they were allowed to explore the tablet in anyway they wanted, the students loved this part. They were able to find what they wanted with ease. Most went straight to the games which were on offer.

The Experience
The response to these tablets was overwhelmingly positive. All of the pupils handled the tablet with confidence. They were much better at finding what they wanted than I was. Most mentioned that they liked the touch screen aspect of the tablet. The games on offer were most definitely viewed as the best part of the exploration.

I have constructed a simple review questionnaire which the pupils filled in. I think their responses will also be of use.
Stephanie Edwards

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