Christchurch Primary - Tablet Project Week 3

Shahina Ismail – 2I

Children used the tablets on Friday to research information on Electricity for their own information books.
The children were very excited and keen to use the tablets; we did have problems with the connectivity of 2 tablets, so we were only able to use four between a group of six. One of the tablets did connect to the Wi-Fi but a message came up saying the connection had timed out.
Children needed step by step guidance on how to operate the devices, and it did take a while to get onto our research part of the lesson. They were unsure of how to get onto Google search and one tablet had the search tab at the top of the screen, this confused the child who was using it as it was a format he had not encountered before.
Using the tablets was a real bonus for our lesson as it enabled children to extend their learning, making the lesson cross curricular, and allowing them to access more information than would have been available to them in class and using book. EAL and SEN children benefitted as they were able to access BBC online science games and develop their understanding in an interactive, visual and fun way, with sustained concentration.
We look forward to using them again!

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