FLEET OF BATTLE - Published in WI 278




Prometheus (hi) has just informed me that Fleet of Battle is out in issue 278 of Wargames Illustrated. I have not seen it yet, but apparently the article comprises the rules and combat tables; the card stock and full colour ship counters will be available as a download directly from Wargames Illustrated (which should enhance production value to you at home - a scanned copy is never as good).

Fleet of Battle was developed out of Field of Battle by Brent Oman (published by Piquet Inc.). It was published in WI with Brent's kind permission. The rules are for ancient naval warfare from Salamis to Actium. They are best for the Punic, Successor and Roman Civil Wars where the quinquireme (five) was the most common 'line of battle' ship. The rules have been well received. They won the Society of Ancients, Paul Morris Memorial Prize for 'most innovative wargames rules' last year - there is even a photo of me holding the memorial axe floating around on the web somewhere.

With the rules plus download you can play without further expense. Merry Christmas!

I will be glad to support the rules with Q & A here on this blog.

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