My first tank in 20 years

Last night I test painted a 15mm tank for the first time. It is the first tank I've painted in 20 years and the first 15mm tank I've painted, ever. I'm happy with the result.

The model is a FoW Crusader Mk 1. It has been painted as A squadron 2nd RG Hussars of 22nd Armoured Brigade, November 1941. It was painted in Humbrol enamel (mainly '63 sand' lightened with 'white 34') and Liquitex burnt umber acrylic ink (in two dilutions - 50% and neat).

The whole job took about an hour of painting time, but I think I can halve this by painting in batches (probably 10 vehicles at a time). This 'non-project' (see previous post) is gonna be a doddle!

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