First WWII units

This weekend I took a break from the Punic Wars and painted a few vehicles and guns for 22nd Armoured Brigade Group, Nov 1941. (But don't worry - I'm now back with the Punic Wars project.). I'm still waiting for my sheet 2mm MDF so they are unbased. The first units are:

2nd RG Hussars Regiment- 10 Crusader Mk1.

Anti-tank battery 102nd AT Regiment - 2 2pdr portee and 1 truck

C Battery 4th RHA - 2 25pdr, 2 Quad tractors, 2 limbers, 1 truck, 1 AOP in carrier (this piece is a standard FoW carrier which has had extra radio equipment, a telephone-cable spool [rear], a scratch built rangefinder and 'map' [for easy table ID], and an extra crew member added), and 13 25pdr crew - 6 per gun plus battery officer.

Now back to the project.........................

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