FOR SALE - English Civil War collection

Elvis has left the building - SOLD

This is a fully painted and based English Civil War collection. It is, except for 1 gun, 100% Wargames Foundry miniatures. All figures were painted by myself, in enamels I think. Before you look further, I'll be up front about the price - I want £1675.00 for the lot. I am not open, to offers for less than that, or offers for only parts of it.
My reason for sale is simple enough: I never play with it.

The collection comprises:
5 Regiments of foot - Parliament.
5 Regiments of foot - Royalist.
1 Regiment of foot - Either, the officers do not have sashes.
1 Regiment of dismounted dragoons.
13 flags (7 Royalist, 6 Parliamentary)
111 cavalry figures
15 foot and 10 mounted officer types.
5 artillery stands with 7 interchangeable guns, and 23 crew. (There are also two unbased limbers and an 'unbased' petard stand of 5 figures - not pictured or counted).
Foot figures - 284
Cavalry figures - 121
Guns - 7
At £3.50 for foot and £5.50 for cavalry and guns this would come to £1697.00. Considering my average charge for painting (commissions) a foot figure is £5.50 (not including the miniature) this is a real bargain.
Here are some closer shots of the painting quality.

If you are genuinely interested in buying this collection I can take payment by cheque (made out for Pounds Stirling only) but would not dispatch until after the cheque cleared. I can take Pay Pal (including credit card payments, from memory) but you would pay any banking charges. I can take cash of course, but only if you will collect.
Any package and postage charges will be at cost - Royal Mail Special Delivery inside the UK. Other destinations by arrangement. You can pick up the collection in person from my address in West Yorkshire if you prefer.

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