Mario Kart in the classroom - Day 1.

This week is the Redbridge Games Networks Wii development day, it is here that we will work on staring to consider how we could use the newly purchased Wii in our classroom. Since they arrived in my school, I couldn't resist having a quick go, so today in year 6 we kicked of our work with Games Based Learning and Literacy.

We have been looking at newspapers recently. Though this I decided that we could use Mario Kart as a stimulus to promote commentaries and newspaper reports. We used the game to give ourselves something real to comment on. I asked 4 members of the class to play the game while I used a flip to video it, this video I then played back for the children to work in pairs to commentate the events of the race. Some of the ideas where great. We are continuing tomorrow, tune in then.

This is the video we started to use, can you choose a character and give us the commentary of what is going on?


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