Pilgrims Progress from the Chronicles of Kermit the Hermit

The chronicle then tells us something of the battle:

"As our column approached the ford [bridge] the van outpaced the rearward so that what was whole became two parts."

"At that our enemy, who had hitherto lay hidden in ambuscade came upon us from our left flank. Humphrey le Phew [rearward] immediately set his force to counter it, coming at the enemy somewhat to their left and forced them ahead of him down the valley; had it not been for his quickness of thought the enemy would surely have been in our rear."

"Whilst Humphrey engaged the enemy our column continued as best it could, thinking this was merely a small raid. Indeed the head of our column reached the bridge and began to cross in the face of new Saracens that were found there. I was one of the first to cross over [see cross bearer]."

"Our people were now scattered into several small groups and it was now that the strength of the enemy showed itself with dashing raids into our midst so that it was hard to see who was friend and who was foe, but all the time the mass moved towards the bridge."

"What was at first perceived as a raid now became a full battle. Neither side, in all of the confusion knew not if he were victor or no. Here an enemy would be forced to retreat, there a friend - this was the point of crisis....."
To be continued...

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