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In Nightingale Primary School this week we have continuing to experiment with our new DSi.

We have them in school now for about 2 weeks. We have started to use Brain Training to support mental calculation strategies within Numeracy like a number of schools have.

When the decision was taken to by DS', I suggested that we pay a bit more and go for the newer DSi. It had just come out a few weeks before. No one seems to have explored the extra functions in school context.

This week we used the DSi' to support our revision work for creativity week. We where researching countries in Asia and Australasia. The DSi' where provided as an alternative to a laptop. There was something great about the children in my class engaged in learning using a range of mobile technologies.

We had a further discussion about what else could we use them for, a number of the children suggested art activities using the camera. Hopefully we'll get a chance to try some of these ideas before the end of the year.

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