IR 38 Zastrow - FOR SALE.

FOR SALE - £80.00, plus package and postage at cost. SOLD

I am offering this Prussian SYW fusilier unit (Infantry Regiment 38 - Zastrow), from my personal collection) for sale. It is 16 figures strong. Figures are by Sash and Sabre (I think). It is wholly painted in enamels. The flag is hand painted. Bases, should you choose to use them, are 40mm x 50mm card mounting board, textured and flocked - figures are glued down with PVA.

My email is available via this blog: jlaroachATblueyonderDOTcoDOTuk

UK payment accepted by personal cheque, overseas buyers will have to pay by Pay Pal and pay the banking costs. Buyer may collect in person, to save postage, if preferred.

Reason for sale: I will in the near future be upgrading all of my SYW infantry units to 24 figs. This is the only unit by Sash and Sabre that I own and I can't be bothered ordering and reproducing a paint job for this one unit. Be assured, any money will be re-invested into the SYW collection.

Thanks for looking...............

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