Major Announcement - LearnMeet 2011

Redbridge Games Network are pleased to announce the launch of the first LearnMeet within the London Borough of Redbridge. 

The aim of Learn Meet is to celebrate the creative, inspiring and innovative work carried out in schools, however,  it has a slight twist. We are all used to teachers talking about their work, this time it will be the children in the classes showing off what has inspired them – this can be a project, a unit of work, a series of lessons or just tips – it does not have to be ICT based but should be something that has engaged and enthused the children. Schools can enter teams of 4 children and although teachers can assist the children in the planning process, it should all be the childrens’ work including delivering the presentation.

Learn Meet will take place on Friday 1st July from 2.30-4.30 at the Redbridge Teachers Centre,  schools that enter will be given an inspiration table where they can showcase their work, and will be asked to prepare an 8 minute presentation, which if chosen they will present in the main hall, this will also be streamed live across London via LGFL. The projects will be judged on their impact, innovation, learning, inspiration and wow factors by a panel of judges.

The winning school will receive a Wii for the school and each child will receive a Kindle. There will be a range of prizes on offer throughout the afternoon, including a 3DS in the children’s raffle and 6 month subscriptions to Purple mash and BrainPOP.

We feel that this will be a great event highlighting and celebrating the creative work of our children and enable us all to learn from each other.

For more details and to register your interest go on the link on the top of the page, Learnmeet 2011. This event is open initially to Redbridge Schools but others are welcome to register their interest.


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