Ager Sanguinis Punic Wars - playtesting continues

This battle was set up to test virtually all of the mechanisms in Ager Sanguinis Punic Wars at once. Peter and I agreed to fight the battle in a friendly rather than competitive manner (though winning will count!) over two or three sessions so that everything is done 'correctly'. We think the rules are almost done, we are now fine tuning them, and the game has to stop from time to time so we can discuss outcomes.

As can be expected in a battle involving a river crossing the game had a cagey start. Skirmishing erupted along the entire battlefront. The Carthaginians got the better of it. Then the Carthaginians made their first move of consequence. The Gallic masses swept over the wooded hill (Carthaginian left centre) and though the Romans countered by sending in their own Gallic allies, again it was the Carthaginians who prevailed. Their Gauls swept down the forward slope and taunted the Romans from the trees.

In the centre it was the Romans who moved first. Sending their legionaries forward they were counter charged by veteran Iberian foot as they reached the far bank. The shock was too much for the Roman hastati and they recoiled back to their own side of the river with some heavy losses. Indeed, it was only the flexibility of the Roman triplex acies which stemmed a collapse - Roman principes being hastily rushed forward to defend their own river bank.

On the Carthaginian right, the Gallic, Iberian and Numidian cavalry moved to outflank the greatly outnumbered Roman cavalry (odds of 9:4).

On the Carthaginian left the cavalry wings of both sides advanced, but both were reticent to force the issue.

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