More Punic Wars stuff painted

It has been some time since my last post. This isbecause I've been snowed under with painting commissions and Christmas. But I have found time to keep my Punic Wars project more or less on schedule.

Here are the latest additions.

First up Roman leader stands.

4 units of Roman and Allied cavalry. This completes a very small fraction over half of the Roman army.

Now the schedule is getting interesting. Elephants - the first 2 of 8.
The first units of Gauls. Two units of cavalry. (2 of 10). I don't like these figures much (I've removed a lot of swords and replaced them with spears - I've removed even more from the batch in progress) but they paint up well.

Lastly, 4 Celtic war bands. These castings make up for the cavalry and some. They are fantastically easy to paint. The 'square' nature of the torsos on clothed figures makes check patterns a doddle! This makes me very happy as I've got another 14 to do. I also decided to cheat on the basing. Instead of 24 figs per unit, I'm going to do them at 22 because it actually makes them look more 'irregular'; it also makes 2 extra 'free' units.
Next up, some more Gallic cavalry and Spanish infantry.

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