Fleet of Battle Ship Counters

I recently added my Fleet of Battle rules to the files sections of various Yahoo Groups (piquet, war galley and ancmed.) I use 1: 600 models by Xyston, but I remember that back in the halcion days of school libraries, Donald Featherstone's book Naval Wargames and lack of pocket money, I made do with cardboard counters with drawings (by hand) of triremes and the like on them. Now in these modern days and computers and home printing much nicer counters can be fashioned very quickly. So for those of you that are short of pocket money - here are some I made earlier (so to speak). I'm not sure why the trireme picture is much smaller than the trimiola because they were done using the same template; perhaps they are the same size when you click on them - we will see; but if they are not you can resize them (where required, I copy into MS Word, double click on the image, click on 'size' and change).
Later this week I will try and put the rules on this blog. The problem is not being able to do tables, so I might have to paste them into into paint and load them as 'images'. I also hope to increase the range of counters: Over 30 years after my first attempts they are still fun to design - with PCs in almost every home the kids of today don't know they're born!

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