Perry Armenian Spearmen Conversions

It is not often these days that I feel the need to get my hacksaw out, especially when dealing with the figures produced by companies such as Perry Miniatures. But when I looked at their Armenians I had the sneaking suspicion they had been added to the range as something of an afterthought. Granted, each figure in each pack of six is equipped or dressed slightly differently, but they are all in the same pose - spear held overarm and somewhat 'level'; the nearest figure on each stand in the following two shot shows this pose.

So out came the hacksaw and several arms were removed at the shoulder, repositioned and super glued into a new position, gently filed, the wound dressed with Araldite, drilled and pinned with Araldite coated wire, and any remaining holes and gaps finished off with Milliput. Some figures only needed the arm bent to a new position, several were also drilled for a second spear to be held in the 'shield hand', and out came the bag of weapons (swords) for an even greater mix. The results can be seen below.

I think the results give a much more 'active' looking unit - something a bit different. All in all I converted half of the 40 figures in an afternoon - and breathed a sigh of relief when they were completed. You never quite know what you'll get when the hacksaw comes out!

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