New units.

Before taking a break from painting cavalry I decided to paint one more batch of 48; four units of Seljuk horse archers. Based three to a 60mm x 90mm stand with four stands per unit they have the look of loose order cavalry. No picture of all four units together, but the following shots give an idea of what they look like and how I patterned some of the clothes with simple 'spot' and 'diamond' designs.

This week, fed up to back teeth with horses, I churned out three units of 'Turkish' foot. Very easy to paint! The Azerbaijanis have had some of their swords removed and replaced with spears to make them more 'Turcoman'. I liked painting these so much I'm going to splash out on another unit or two - they took less than 20 minutes each!

Next I plan to do some Arab foot. 148 of them. Two units of (30) Ahdath, two units of (20)Muttatawwia and 4 units of (12) archers. Then more cavalry - ARGHHHHHHHH!

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